LaRouche publications and Internet communications constantly repeat the litany that Dennis King is a “drug lobbyist.” Their sole evidence is that King once wrote an article on LaRouche for the pro-marijuana magazine High Times (King also wrote over 35 articles on LaRouche for other publications, but this is the only one the LaRouchians focus on). They claim the article was entitled “They Want to Take Away Your Drugs,” but King has never written an article with this title or anything even remotely resembling this title. His December 1981 High Times article in fact was headlined "Hypocrites! Anti-Drug Cult Linked to Mob Cronies."

This blockbuster article traced in great detail the sinister relationship between LaRouche’s organization and the Meli crime family (heroin traffickers in the Detroit area), Carlos Marcello (crime lord of New Orleans), Tony Provenzano (a prominent New Jersey labor racketeer), Frank Sheeran (the Teamster thug who would claim 23 years later to have killed Jimmy Hoffa on behalf of the Mafia), and assorted other hoodlums.

The article also revealed that LaRouche's then security adviser, Mitch WerBell III, had underworld connections (WerBell had been a co-defendent with Cleveland crime boss John Nardi in a giant Florida pot-smuggling case--the defendants got off after the government’s key witness died in a mysterious small-plane crash). In addition, the article disclosed the fact that LaRouche's 1980 Presidential campaign had paid $96,000 to a political consulting firm controlled by the business partner of Rolland McMaster, a Meli crime family linked Teamster leader, convicted felon, and ardent LaRouche supporter who once had been Hoffa's chief enforcer, specializing in the use of dynamite.

None of the charges in King's article (repeated in Chapters 34-38 of King's book along with fresh revelations regarding LaRouche's dealings with cocaine dictator Manuel Noriega) were ever disputed by LaRouche, WerBell, Marcello, McMaster, Sheeran, or any other hoodlum or mob-connected lawyer or businessman named in the article. Click HERE to read King’s High Times article now.