"She finally...read the book for herself. She was out of the LaRouche movement by the end of the week."

Postings by anti- and pro-LaRouche persons on FactNet's ex-LaRouche message board, Aug. 7-8, 2003


The following postings are excerpted from a dialogue between "Anonymous" (anti-LaRouche) and "Tom" (pro-LaRouche).

"Anonymous," Thursday, Aug. 07, 07:40 PM

Tom, I'll bet you've never read the book Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism.

I'll bet almost nobody in the LaRouche movement has. None of the LaRouche kids I spoke to had read it. They were all quick to denounce it, and say the author was a drug addict, etc., and make every possible excuse for not having read it.

I finally challenged one of the young women I met at school to read it in exchange for me reading LaRouche's book. Over the very strong objections of her fellow LaRouchites, she read it. When I first challenged her, her friends actually started to question her character and loyalty for even considering it. She finally got mad enough at their pressure to take my challenge and read the book for herself.

She was out of the LaRouche movement by the end of the week. When she started discussing what she had read with other LaRouchites and informing them of the facts in the book, she was labeled "brainwashed" and kicked out.

"Tom," Thursday, Aug. 07, 10:33 PM

I read Dennis King's book. It's a ridiculous crock of shit. Dennis King definitely smoked too much dope.

Have you ever read LaRouche? Can you even name any of the books he wrote?

I KNOW Mr. LaRouche. I've talked to him in his own house on several occasions. I consider that a privilege. I am proud, just as those who struggled with Martin Luther King are proud, even though he was the victim of persistent, vicious slanders throughout the entirety of the Civil Rights Movement.

When I was new to LaRouche's movement, I felt I was given a mission to do something noble with my life, and I was grateful. For quite some time, however, I had some reservations, because I did not know LaRouche personally. I feared that if I were to meet him, I would somehow be disappointed. In retrospect, I realize those fears were the consequence of the existential nightmare in which you and I were raised.

When I finally met Mr. LaRouche, however, I felt I was talking to a true friend. He was easy-going, kind, cheerful, and indescribeably bright. I have no problem asserting that he is the greatest thinker alive today, and I am sure there are countless people from all over the world who agree.

If I were alive in 400 B.C., and I could live my life any way I choose, I would join Plato in the struggle to give man the gift of philosophy. If I were alive in 1776 A.D., I would join Franklin and Washington in the struggle to give man the gift of freedom. But since I am alive today, I choose to join LaRouche in the struggle to finally make these gifts available to everyone.

Now, If you are capable of understanding that, and choose to join Dennis King instead, well, I pity you. You are truly irrelevant.

"Anonymous," Friday, Aug. 08, 06:46 PM

"I read Dennis King's book. It's a ridiculous crock of shit. Dennis King definitely smoked too much dope."

Tom, I doubt you read King's book thoroughly if you still follow LaRouche. And I doubt you would be willing or able to try and dispute the facts and assertions in his book in a rational way. It's much easier to try and do a character assassination of the author than it is to debate his assertions.

When in doubt, don't think or debate, just retreat behind the usual slanders of "dope smoker", "brainwashed", "oligrachy agent", "jew", etc. Typical LaRouchite you are.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

COMMENT BY DENNIS KING (2007). Re: the usual slanders spread within the LaRouche Youth Movement to prevent recruits from reading my book, I wish to raise an issue rarely considered by LaRouchians--the issue of empirical proof. I can point to thousands of pages of credit card statements from persons who used their credit cards to buy LaRouchian literature at airports only to have additional, unauthorized charges totalling millions of dollars made on their accounts by persons acting on LaRouche's orders. I can point to hundreds of fraudulent promissory notes (issued to senior citizens, on LaRouche's instructions, in exchange for "loans" that would never be repaid) by corporate shells that in fact had no assets. I can point to the convictions of LaRouche and a score of his followers before, variously, three separate juries of their peers--and the upholding of those convictions by state and federal appeals courts. In other words, I can prove to any reasonable person that LaRouche is a crook and his movement has operated as a criminal enterprise.

As to LaRouche's assertion that I am a dope smoker, he has yet to come forward with a single toke with my DNA on it. And he can't, because I don't smoke dope, period.