LaRouche's family background, early years

Genealogy of LaRouche. Claims he's a distant (very, very distant) cousin of George W. Bush, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Jack Kerouac and Madonna. I can believe the connection to Kerouac, since the writings of both (arguably the two most famous/notorious Americans of French Canadian descent) reveal a predeliction for spontaneous, disorganized prose.

Archival material on LaRouche and his parents. Quaker researcher uncovers obscure documents about LaRouche family's paranoid squabbles with fellow Quakers circa 1940-41. Lyndon and his father were both "disowned" by the Society of Friends in Lynn, Mass. while mother Jesse and Lyndon's two sisters resigned in protest. Files include a "mimeographed sheet about some sort of financial dealing...full of obvious smears and angry innuendos some of which seem to have an antisemitic cast."

LaRouche's Quaker background analyzed. In this unsigned 1986 report, journalist Chuck Fager, himself a Quaker, compares the lives of political activist LaRouche Jr. and religious rebel LaRouche Sr. According to Fager: "The father-son pattern of a dissident prophet rejected by fellow-believers and then returning to pronounce judgment on them is too evident to miss. For that matter, [LaRouche Jr.'s] self-image as a lonely visionary bearing witness against persecution and fanatical opposition is a familiar one in Quaker annals."

Lyndon LaRouche Sr. written out of mother's will? Description of 1958 probate court case in which LHL Sr. attempts to get a share of the inheritance left to his sister.