Non-LaRouchian eyewitnesses speak out

  • Dr. LaRouche's ideological straitjacket. Berkeley graduate student "Mr. Doran" comments on the LaRouche movement's doctrinaire and ultimately absurd approach to literature, art, drama and philosophy. His observations, first posted on Factnet, are based on attending LaRouchian meetings, discussions with friends inside the cult, and reading LaRouche's cultural magazine for many years.

  • "Guns, Hate, and Violent Fantasies in the LaRouche Movement." Declaration of Mordechai Levy, Feb. 27, 2005.

  • "Attending a LaRouche conference." Anonymous report dated Dec. 11, 2006 by guest who didn't get fooled.

  • "Lyndon Burning" by Chuck Fager. Veteram journalist recalls how he was harassed, threatened, smeared and even chased down a Manhattan street (along with future Primary Colors author Joe Klein) by crazed LaRouchians.

    More to come