Full coverage on Ken Kronberg's suicide and the crisis at LaRouche's headquarters

  • Dec. 9: LaRouche and the suicide of the Freedom Rider. In The Power of Reason, his 1979 autobiography, LaRouche describes an odd incident in the early 1960s that may shed light on how he would later respond to the suicide of Ken Kronberg and the death of Jeremiah Duggan.

    LaRouche claims that he began--during a period of increasing tension with his first wife--to provide "personal counseling" to a troubled young man named Griswold, a former Freedom Rider. After a number of visits, Griswold was making progress...until, supposedly, LaRouche's wife intervened. "An intruded household scene, during which [she] carelessly included savage complaints against my 'uncompensated' help to Griswold, so profoundly disturbed him that I never heard from him again--until being informed, some months later, of his suicide." LaRouche alleges that the news of Griswold's death killed his "last strong feeling" for his marriage and helped to establish in him "a deepening ruthlessness toward any aspect of personal life which corrupted the dictate of conscience in respect to the duties of public life."

    Is there a pattern here? LaRouche serves as a mentor to a younger man. When the latter commits suicide, LaRouche blames his own wife and develops a new "ruthlessness" regarding the primacy of the political over the personal. Years later, LaRouche becomes a ruthless (to say the least) mentor to another young man who, after decades of service to LaRouche, commits suicide. LaRouche blames the suicide's wife. And then there's the young man who decides he doesn't want LaRouche to be his mentor at all--he ends up dead, LaRouche claims this death was a suicide, and blames the young man's mother. Thus we have three suicides (real or alleged), three witch-women--and a completely innocent (if ruthless) Lyndon! I leave the explanation of all this to the psychiatrists, but I do have two final questions: Why did LaRouche, a college dropout with no mental health credentials, undertake to serve as a counselor to Griswold? And why did LaRouche, in later years, having earned no credentials in the interim, presume to practice the "ruthless" form of therapy known as ego-stripping on other young people, many of them possibly as troubled as Griswold had been?

  • Dec. 9: The LaRouche movement's view of the suicide of Arthur Koestler (1983). Anyone who wants to understand why LaRouche suggested in April 2007 that Ken Kronberg kill himself--and why LaRouche and his followers behaved in such a callous (indeed, sadistic) manner towards the Kronberg family after Ken went out and did it--will find a partial explanation here, in the sick "humor" of this editorial from LaRouche's New Solidarity, March 14, 1983.

    The anonymous editorial writer, in commenting on the double suicide of the eminent Jewish author (referred to euphemistically as a "Hungarian-emigré intelligence agent for the British") and his wife Cynthia, says the "world might benefit if a selected few took the Koestlers as a heroic example." The editorialist then fantasizes about various fitting modes of suicide for Jews and non-Jews hated by the LaRouche organization: Henry Kissinger, Nancy Kissinger, Paul Volcker, Swiss banker Fritz Leutwiler, and Club of Rome founder Aurelio Peccei (the latter, it is suggested, should turn his body over "to the local dogfood manufacturer"). And then: "We could go further, but why should the worthwhile vast majority of the human race settle for attempts to solve its antisocial problems on a case-by-case basis? Why not get organized to settle with such characters all at once?"

    Oh, and readers should note the emphasis on husband-wife suicide: first, the real-life example of the Koestlers; second, the fantasy example of the Kissingers. There's an eerie parallel here to what the LaRouchian troll "revenire" has been saying on blogs recently: that Molly Kronberg should join her husband (and Jeremiah Duggan) on the "jumper brigade." Hmmmm...I wonder if revenire's IP address can be traced back to the environs of Round Hill, Virginia...

  • Dec. 1: Was Ken Kronberg's suicide just another "fine mess" to be cleaned up? Ex-LaRouchian "eaglebeak" gives yet another example of Der Abscheulicher's contemptuous attitude re the Kronberg tragedy.

  • May 27 posting: "The History of PMR Printing Company." Ex-LaRouche follower "eaglebeak" describes how Ken Kronberg's printing firm was squeezed and squeezed until there was nothing left.

  • May 20 posting: "Ken Kronberg's Funeral, a Year Ago Today." Description by "eaglebeak" of the April 19, 2007 funeral of businessman hounded to death by Lyndon LaRouche. "The one person who wasn't there, of course, was LaRouche....It is rumored that the night before the funeral Molly Kronberg had called up Nancy Spannaus and said "If that man comes, I leave the church."

  • May 6 posting: LaRouche just can't stop sliming his loyal old-timers. The same month as the anniversary of Ken Kronberg's suicide, LaRouche with his usual crassness repeats (April 2, 2008) his claim that the organization's boomers such as Kronberg were/are nothing but slackers. This morning briefing, with commentary added by LaRouche's critic "eaglebeak," reveals more clearly than ever that LaRouche is serious about carrying out a "boomer pogrom"--thus guaranteeing that after his death the organization will end up under the control of a ruthless new generation of brainwashees.

  • April 14 posting: Hounded to death! Statement by Factnet's "Eaglebeak" on the first anniversary of Ken Kronberg's suicide. "When Ken left the house that morning he did not intend to kill himself"...but then he read the LaRouche/Papert suicide memo. Eaglebeak's posting also includes a Nov. 22, 2004 LaRouche memo trashing Ken that was found on his nightstand after his death.

  • April 12 posting: Life in LaRouche's "Inner Ring." Postings from Factnet (edited by DK) re the sadomasochistic manipulation and just plain bullying that are the dreary lot of Der Abscheulicher's Leesburg "boomers." Includes the text of a July 6, 2006 memo in which LaRouche heaps humiliation on two of his most loyal disciples--Ed Spannaus and Ken Kronberg.

  • March 21 posting: Conservative newsletter provides more evidence of LaRouche's historic links to the Republican Party--and the hypocrisy of his attacks on Molly Kronberg for her donations to Republicans. The Right Report (Nov. 19, 1976) discloses that "[l]iterally hundreds of conservatives and Republicans have already been approached by this cadre group, which obviously has compiled a thick file on the U.S. right." And: "A handful of top Republican party officials and prominent conservatives are now actively cooperating with the U.S. Labor party." Names several Republicans involved and claims that the finance chairman of the Oklahoma Ford campaign had helped funnel money to the USLP.

  • Feb. 25 posting: "If I were you, Molly, I'd have my brakes checked." New documentation from Factnet of LaRouche's callous and hostile treatment of Ken Kronberg's widow.

  • Jan. 23 posting: "His biggest mistake was his suicide"??? Handwritten letter by top LaRouche aide Nancy Spannaus to Ken Kronberg's widow (Aug. 14, 2007). "I do have regrets...," Spannaus adds. "But what's important now is to honor [Ken's] memory by doing the work which he dedicated his life to....I ask you again to join...in that mission." (For background and a print version of this letter, see Jan. 5 posting below.)

  • Jan. 20 posting: Once again it's blame-the-widow time. LaRouche announces that Molly Kronberg caused his 1988 fraud conviction. This nonsense is supposed to absolve Der Abscheulicher and his Leesburg Suicide Club of any responsibility whatsoever for Ken Kronberg's death. Posting includes devastating point-by-point rebuttal by ex-LaRouchian "eaglebeak."

  • Jan. 5 posting: Holding LaRouche's feet to the fire. More criticism by ex-LaRouchians re the monstrous attitude of Dear Leader (and his top aides) towards the Kronberg family tragedy.

  • Dec. 30 posting: A former LaRouche follower provides new evidence re LaRouche's art of "inducing suicide." Der Abscheulicher has now admitted that induced suicide exists--but is trying to pose as the great champion against it. As to those who criticize on the internet his treatment of Ken Kronberg, LaRouche compares them to Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition!

  • Dec. 28 posting: LaRouche's obsession with the suicides of people he doesn't like is reflected in a rant against a former college classmate. Future journalist Murray Gart apparently said something to LaRouche at Northeastern University in 1947 that really, really angered the budding Hitler wannabe. In "The Aborted Suicide of [Washington] Star Editor Murray Gart," written 30 years later, LaRouche not only comes close to equalling the maliciousness of his tirades against Henry Kissinger, but also sheds light once again on his own psychological demons.

  • Nov. 19 posting: LaRouche says Ken Kronberg's widow is an evil person because she donated to Republican election campaigns in 2004, but LaRouche himself and his top aides served as Republican errand boys and dirty tricksters for over 12 years! Here's documentation of one of the first of many such efforts: the wave of lawsuits that LaRouche caused to be filed in 1976 in an attempt to overturn Jimmy Carter's election on grounds of "vote fraud." The suits were filed with the support of then National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Guy Vander Jagt and RNC executive director Ed Mahe. LaRouche's role as an impresario of GOP dirty tricks only ended when he couldn't cadge a pardon out of President George H. Bush after being sent to prison for stealing the life savings of senior citizens.

  • Nov. 16: LaRouche's 1974 "Manchurian candidate" speech available on the web for the first time. Here is the idea of inducing suicide (especially in Jews) already worked out in LaRouche's imagination: "The [brainwashed] person goes into a final total caricature....Pathetic. Worse. Like a dead cow....Automatic crematoria. No gas ovens required. The person is programmed to self-destruct."

  • Oct. 29: Crisis in the LaRouche Cult: A Special Report (updated)

  • Oct. 29: LaRouche wrote (2001): "The easiest way to destroy a selected victim, is to to induce him to destroy himself"

  • Oct. 27: LaRouche slimes Molly Kronberg, the Boomers, Al Gore and, of course, Felix Rohatyn in Oct. 21 speech

  • Sept. 22: More on the "culture of abuse"--suicide joke and smears against former LC printer Dalto

  • Sept. 22: LaRouche trashes the Kronbergs again; ex-LCer strikes back

  • Aug. 29: Hypocrisy! The truth about LaRouche's support for the same Republican Party that he blasts Mrs. Kronberg for supporting

  • Aug. 25: Ex-LaRouchians rip Lyn's latest lies and excuses to shreds (new postings on 8/23 file)

  • Aug. 23: A rational mind examines Lyn's lies in detail

  • Aug. 23: More spin from Lyn

  • Aug. 20: LaRouche slimes Ken's widow, boasts that the cult has "no reason to feel any sort of guilt" re her husband's death. Dennis King replies with new appeal to Boomers.

  • July 31: SHOCKER: LaRouche and the art of inducing suicide

  • LaRouche's insults to families of Ken Kronberg and Jeremiah Duggan continue

  • Nicholas F. Benton's April 19, 2007 article in the Falls Church News-Press that first revealed the facts about the April 11 "suicide" memo

  • From our archives: LaRouche's self-serving response to Michael Gelber's 1994 death

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  • Second LaRouche statement on April 11 suggested "virtual suicide" as solution for burned-out followers

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