Reviews of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism

plus interviews with author Dennis King

  • Doug Ireland in the Village Voice

  • David Garrow in the Washington Post

  • Steve Weinberg in the IRE Journal

  • David Corn in The Nation

  • Chip Berlet in The Guardian

  • Leonard Zeskin in The Monitor (Center for Democratic Renewal)

  • Chuck Fager in the Washington City Paper

  • Bill McKibben in the New York Post

  • Walter Kirschenbaum in the Forward

  • Howard Adelson in The Jewish Press

  • Howard Goldenthal in Z Magazine

  • Joel Bellman in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner

  • Burt Siegel in the Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia)

  • Jay Kinney in the Whole Earth Review

  • Sara Frankel in the San Francisco Examiner (interview with author)

  • Mary Gillespie in the Chicago Sun-Times (news article/interview with author)

  • Neenyah Ostrom in the New York Native (interview with author)

  • U.S. Information Agency interview with author (1992)

  • Quotes from Selected Reviews