Updates on LaRouche's purge of his European organization

By a former LaRouche follower


APRIL 2007:

"The LaRouche 'Youth Movement' consists of a pack of beasts and he [LaRouche] would cover their asses all the way to hell."--April 22, 2007

I head about [the Kronberg suicide] about a week ago. I have no idea what the IRS is doing, but it is a pretty good time for them to move in--and in force.

Over here, the group is continuing to unravel: there are a few hangers-on who just don't think they can make it on the outside, but I have been helping some of the ex's get on their feet and that may show the others they can do it, too. At my latest count, there have been about 5-6 deaths here also over the past several years. No suicides, as far as I know, but the natural toll of self-destruction. A number of mental basket-cases (at levels of functional capacity lower than your run-of-the-mill LaRouchie) are still lining up at the soup kitchens. The entirety of the old "security" core here has disbanded. On the U.S. side, Rick McGraw and Jeff Steinberg as still in, but Paul Goldstein left ages ago....

The latest I have heard from former "insiders" on the Duggan case is that the police fell on the LaRouche side by default because they didn't like coming under public media-pressure from the UK. That makes perfect sense, if you know German police. I am now inclined to entertain the hypothesis, however, that the Duggan family does not necessarily therefore have no case. The LaRouche "Youth Movement" consists of a pack of beasts and he would cover their asses all the way to hell.

MARCH 2007:

"Most of the Executive leadership is claiming they have no 'political disagreement' even now with LaRouche: that's their problem. They sold their souls for 'honor.'"--March 2, 2007

With the exception of Muriel Mirak (for now), the entire European "Executive Committee" and "European Committee" have been thrown out. The process began last November when LaRouche launched an attack on Uwe Friesecke, responsible for finances and also share-holder in EIR Nachrichten Agentur GmbH, P&F GmbH (a holding company), and whose wife is one of the managers of Dinges & Frick, a printing company with a lot of outside business that subsidized the printing operations of the LaRouche org. Dinges & Frick have recalled all the LaRouche Org keys so that the editorial staff has no access to them anymore. Friesecke has reportedly disappeared without a trace.

Co-share-holder in the EIR GmbH was Anno Hellenbroich, whose brother is a former head of the German Verfassungsschutz as well as BND. Michael Liebig was head of "intelligence" and his wife Gabriele was chief editor of the European newspaper: both are out. Hellenbroich is still in the EIR office to pass over the management of finances. I have no idea how that is supposed to fly, since he and Friesecke, by German law, had to put up 50,00 DM (25,000 Euro) each to found the limited liability company: either they get someone to buy them out or make an arrangement.

A chunk of the office staff left as well, which also means "fund-raising." In the Ruhr area (Düsseldorf) there are only two people left, 2 in Berlin, and the northern operation in Hannover is now naked. There are still a few poor souls in Munich. Bruno Raimondi, Paolo Vitali and Dino di Paoli (all "European Committee" who stayed in Germany after the whole Italian operation collapsed several years ago) had already left. Jonathan Tennenbaum ("European Committee") left several months ago. In France, Jacques Cheminade, according to rumor, has taken over the "youth movement" and dissolved the rest.

The Executive leadership did not leave: they were ousted. They are in pretty bad shape and are currently trying to exploit their former networks to survive. The people who left are going through the usual severance agonies. Some have little or nothing to live on: the Cramer family ("European Committee"), former confidantes of Madame LaRouche, is a case in point. Hartmut had a meager salary and now gets 60% of that as unemployment money, while Ortrun, his wife, was working on a voluntary basis and gets nothing. To date, they don't want to sue.

The break-point, apparently, was the "youth movement" and Friesecke's refusal to subsidize them at a time when he could not keep a 4-person family (parents and kids) alive with 800 Euro/month. Most of the Executive leadership is claiming they have no "political disagreement" even now with LaRouche: that's their problem. They sold their souls for "honor." Their only complaint is that for 5 years no discussion was possible, and any questioning was interpreted as a frontal attack on LaRouche personally. During various non-discussion discussions, LaRouche would behave as if things were being worked out, only then to launch an internal memorandum of invective against the sinning Executive victim of the moment. The "youth movement" was completely severed from the rest of the Org.

LaRouche is claiming he was responsible for the Dem victory in the interim elections in the US and that he and Bill Clinton have something going to turn the US around. They apparently scored a few points in some California neighborhood..., of world-historic significance, no doubt.

The rest of various sordid detail isn't worth the time to write it down.

More to come