What the reviews said about Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism

“The definitive work on its crazy, chilling subject….King’s book, it is hoped, will be LaRouche’s epitaph.”—The New Republic

“Mr. King probably knows more about Mr. LaRouche, that master of self-delusion, than anyone, including Mr. LaRouche himself.”—The New York Times

“Anyone who thinks LaRouche is a harmless kook needs to look closely at King’s title, then read on. He or she will be horrified.”—Jewish Advocate (Boston)

“A courageous, hard-hitting expose.”—Publishers Weekly

“This book proves conclusively that [LaRouche’s] people have had access to the councils of government not only in America but in Western Europe.”—New York Post

“Riveting… Deserves a wide audience.”—The Village Voice

“The hallmark work…alive with anecdotes, both amusing and frightening… A cautionary tale of how American institutions collectively failed to confront and counter a dangerously subversive political movement.”—Los Angeles Herald Examiner

“Monumental body of well-explained research… Astounding…”—Worcester Magazine

“King succeeds in doing the seeming impossible: he makes LaRouche make sense.”—The Monitor (Center for Democratic Renewal)

“Dennis King is a veteran investigative journalist, one of the best paper trail people around. As a result, it is no surprise that his biography of Lyndon LaRouche, ten years in the making, contains numerous startling revelations.”—The IRE Journal (Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc.)

“A chilling and illuminating book.”—ALA Booklist (American Library Association)

“Brilliant and meticulous…outlines with horrifying clarity how easily Americans are convinced to give up their freedoms.”—New York Native

“Densely packed with analysis of LaRouche’s methods and evidence that the man is not merely a bizarre eccentric but a true political player.”—Chicago Sun-Times

King’s descriptions of how cults like LaRouche’s manipulate their members are excellent….For this reason, King’s book is an important psychological as well as political text.”—Z Magazine

“Chilling, massively researched study….”—The Christian Century

“King’s message, which rings true, is that a democratic system has to be ever alert and ready to confront all strains of fascism, even those that appear too nutty to worry about.”—The Nation

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