LaRouchians, Ex-LaRouchians and the Teamsters


  • Wall Street Journal article (1997) tells how former LaRouche labor operative Richard Leebove, working on behalf of James Hoffa, Jr., used LaRouche-style dirty tricks and intelligence gathering to bring down Teamster president Ron Carey.

  • Columbia Journalism Review (1996) says former LaRouchians Leebove and George Geller were the "shock waves" of the Carey scandal: "Both work for the Michigan Teamster who hired James Hoffa [Jr.] as a local union official in order to make him eligible to run for Teamster president."

  • Journal of Labor Research article (1999) describes findings of Michael Cherkasky, the court-appointed IBT election master, regarding 1996 IBT election violations by James Hoffa, Jr. "Cherkasky charged Hoffa with accepting $167,675 from an employer, Richard Leebove and RL Communications (a Landrum-Griffith violation). Hoffa also was charged with being untruthful about Leebove's role, 'testifying under oath' that he was only marginally involved in the campaign. On the contrary, Leebove, a former operative for Lyndon LaRouche, was known to the media and to key individuals within the Hoffa campaign organization as 'the brains of the campaign.' Cherkasky found that Leebove actually performed work for Hoffa while being paid for doing business for Teamster local-union clients, thus constituting a transfer of union funds to pay for Hoffa's campaign."

  • "The Peculiar Case of the Teamsters," chapter three of National Institute for Labor Relations Research's 1999 report on union corruption. Provides details on how Michigan IBT leader Larry Brennan formed alliance with Leebove and Geller in the 1980s to try to end federal pressure on the Teamster old guard. Also includes details on former friends of LaRouche (such as the leaders of a Long Island local who were helped by Leebove on LaRouche's behalf during a 1978 election): "[T]he Gambino crime family used Teamster Local 282 like a candy store from the late 1970s until 1991. Robert Sasso, president of the local, in 1992 resigned only hours before he was to face charges he was a Gambino pawn, and had helped John Gotti extract payoffs from contractors; in 1994 he pled guilt to racketeering conspiracy. The prosecution's star witness was former Gotti hit man, Sammy 'the Bull' Gravano. Ten years earlier Sasso's predecessor, Jo! hn Cody, was convicted of federal racketeering charges and served five years in prison."

  • LaRouche's dealings with Teamster hoodlums (Our Town, 1979). Includes details on Leebove and LaRouche's support for Cody and Sasso against Local 282 reformers.

  • Teamster support for LaRouche's 1980 Presidential campaign (Our Town, 1980). Describes LaRouche's relationship with Rolland McMaster, Jimmy Hoffa, Sr.'s former top enforcer, whose farm in Michigan would be dug up by the FBI in 2006 in an unsuccessful attempt to find Hoffa's body.

  • High Times article by Dennis King (1981) exposes a wide range of LaRouchian contacts with labor hoodlums from the IBT and other unions as well as Mafia bosses such as Carlos Marcello. Describes how Rolland McMaster's business partner set up a company to receive "consulting" fees from LaRouche's 1980 campaign.

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