Original source materials on Non-Mainstream Political, Religious, Psychotherapy, and Self-improvement Groups, including cults, sects, new religious movements, far-right and far-left political parties, New Age channeling enterprises, and splinter groups or defector circles from any of the above.

Original sources materials might include:
  • books, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, videos, CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, etc. published by non-mainstream groups

  • mailings from these groups

  • court documents re: cases in which these groups are or were plaintiffs or defendants

  • leaflets, course materials, brochures, conference schedules, posters, etc. regarding events sponsored by these groups

  • video or audio tapes of radio/TV interviews with members or leaders of these groups, or video copies of Public Access TV shows sponsored by these groups

  • election campaign materials of non-mainstream political parties

  • internal documents and internal e-mails (if lawfully obtained) (NOTE: electronic documents will not be accepted as e-mail attachments; please send either in paper form or on a disk)

  • photographs of group events, daily group activities or group leaders

  • memorabilia (political campaign buttons, T-shirts or match books with the groupís name or slogans on them, autographs of leaders, etc.)

  • denunciations written by former members and apologetics written by loyalists

  • memoirs, scrapbooks or personal correspondence of former or present members or leaders

  • yearbooks, course catalogs, course guides, etc. of educational institutions sponsored by these groups
  • All such material will go into the giant archival collection compiled over a period of more than 40 years by author King. The collection will be transferred soon to a major research library along with a detailed finderís guide (searchable on the Internet) to each box and folder.

    Please note that this is not simply an ďanti-cultĒ collection. Mr. King is very much interested in original source materials on non-mainstream groups that never developed reputations as cults (for instance, AMORC and most of the Wiccan organizations) in order to facilitate comparative studies of non-coercive groups and so-called destructive or totalistic groups. He is also interested in documenting instances in which groups may have reformed their practices yet still retain a negative public image incurred during previous decades.

    The collection also includes special subsections on anti-racist/anti-Nazi activism in the United States (1960s to the present) and Upper West Side Manhattan community activism (beginning with the rise of the Riverside Democrats in the 1950s).

    If you have materials that you would like to donate, please contact Mr. King here or send your material directly to DENNIS KING, P.O. BOX 508, LENOX HILL STATION, NEW YORK, NY 10021.